Sometimes the path chooses you

My amazing, strong, kind, beautiful boy is finally sleeping peacefully.  First time in a week he hasn’t moaned or groaned from a headache. For this I am truly thankful.  Hopefully this will continue throughout the night thus allowing us to go home soon. The rest of this update is about … Click to Continue reading

Social media can help and social media can destroy

The last two hours I watched and listened to my son moaning and crying in pain because his head hurts when he tries to sleep. So I think to myself, “but he seemed pretty good today”? That’s when the reality hits me – our lives were changed within a few seconds. A few seconds! A coward decided to
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CBS News Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — Fourteen-year-old Jordan Peisner was walking out of a Wendy’s just down the street from his San Fernando Valley high school on Friday when he says he was randomly attacked by a teenager he had never met.  Click here for the video link

“The guy just came up from behind and sucker punched me right here,” Peisner, a freshman at El Camino Real Charter High School said, pointing to his head.

The punch fractured Peisner’s skull, ruptured his ear drum and… Click to Continue reading


Three days after a cowardly attack and I’m sitting here in the middle of the night watching my son moan in pain from a terrible headache. The feelings of anger, pain, fear, confusion, sadness, depression, all bouncing though my sleep deprived head but… Click to Continue reading


Jordan’s best friend, Spencer Divine, set up a GoFundMe account for Jordan.  This was done without our knowledge and only goes to prove how wonderful Jordan’s friends have been.    Here is what Spencer wrote about his best friend… Click to Continue reading

Another CAT scan…

Jordan just had another cat scan which shows the hematoma to be about the same size. His ear drum is still not visible due to the swelling/tearing but the fantastic news is that he has regained some of his hearing and the specialist said… Click to Continue reading

Update on Jordan

I have to begin this update by thanking everyone for the overwhelming love and support we have received.  I cannot get through one message without tears flowing down my face; I have never felt such an amount of love before.  For this I am truly a blessed human being.  Now on to the medical update.  To quote the neurologist; … Click to Continue reading

And the tears flow…

As I sit here in the hospital with my ex-wife, I noticed that my tears haven’t stopped appearing.  I am using this crying as a form of therapy; to help heal my broken heart.   I wonder how my son’s life might now be changed…forever!  I wonder if the 15 year old boy who did this… Click to Continue reading

One second can change your life!

Friends and Family. Yesterday at 4:30pm, my son was viciously sucker punched by a cruel, despicable, coward.   Jordan is at children’s hospital with a ruptured ear drum, skull fracture and… Click to Continue reading