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I am not alone in this fight!

Someone recently said to me,  “I can’t understand how bad you must feel but do you really think you’re going to make a difference?”  I appreciate the question and I can see how some people might feel as if it is a waste of time.  However, I feel it is my responsibility as a citizen, parent and human being to make a difference and that is exactly what I WILL do.  And much to my surprise, … Click to Continue reading

A father’s poem…

The last few days have been pretty hard for me, so I went back to writing to help clear my mind. A little poetry before bed….

One act of kindness is all I ask, from each and every one…

To share a smile, to hold a door…
That’s all that need be done.

With each selfless act you give,
a gift you’ll soon receive…
To give a gift a kindness is to help someone believe.

A light has lit inside my heart that once was faint and dim…
But now it shines for all to see – a light of love for him.

A path was born from hate and violence, an act disgusting and wrong.

But now we have a movement of love – we now have Jordanstrong

Kindness Challenge

Over the past few years, there have been so many “challenges” to raise awareness, money and some just for fun – they come and they go. As of today, I am suggesting a new challenge, the KINDNESS challenge. But let’s make this challenge last more than a day, week, or year – let’s make this one last a forever. It’s very simple – just be kind to one another. Before you honk your horn at someone, take a breath and let them in.  If you see someone about to walk in or out of a door, open it for them.  If you see someone without a smile, share yours with them.  Remember, you can change someone’s life with very little effort…give it a try and maybe it will also change your life.  Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad   #kindnesschallenge