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Anti Social Media

For the past few months I have been referring to this new “social media” world we are living in as Anti Social Media.  After watching 60 minutes tonight, I was compelled to make sure you all watch it as well.  There is nothing social about it.  Parents, our children need our help – they are being brainwashed before our eyes and if we don’t do something about it NOW, no one will.   Please watch by following this link

Here is an additional link all parents should watch if they have ever felt their kids were addicted to their phones.

The Verdict is in…

Was a punishment handed down today?  Yes.  Does the punishment fit the crime? I don’t know?  Was justice served?  I don’t know?  I don’t think there are actual answers to these questions.  I believe in faith, humanity, kindness and goodwill and these are qualities that I control in my life – they help me keep the anger away and allow me to focus on positive changes.  This has been a long road (that we have just begun) but I am happy to turn this small page.  It is now more than ever that I must do more – I must turn this mess into a message.   The Jordanstrong Foundation was established with one goal in mind: To put an end to all forms of bullying and to educate both parents and children on the rapidly expanding and the uncensored world of Social Media.  We intend to raise awareness of this growing issue one child at a time.  Thank you for supporting me over the last 3 months and I look forward to your continued support as we focus on making a difference in the life of a child!

With gratitude,

Jordan’s Dad

I am not alone in this fight!

Someone recently said to me,  “I can’t understand how bad you must feel but do you really think you’re going to make a difference?”  I appreciate the question and I can see how some people might feel as if it is a waste of time.  However, I feel it is my responsibility as a citizen, parent and human being to make a difference and that is exactly what I WILL do.  And much to my surprise, … Click to Continue reading


Merriam-Webster defines the term Not Guilty as follows:

1:  a plea by a criminal defendant who intends to contest the charges

2:  a verdict rendered by a jury acquitting a criminal defendant upon finding that the prosecution has not proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt

I agree with the legal definition but … Click to Continue reading

It is time to stop the social media bullying and violence – Sign the Petition!

Each year, tens of thousands of kids are bullied and cyberbullied with virtually no consequences. And now, with social media in the hands of almost every child, we are seeing more and more acts of violence and hate with each passing day.  On December 2nd 2016, my son was viciously attacked while walking out of Wendy’s with his friends. As a result, he spent five days at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, including two days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. What makes this overwhelmingly worse is the fact that the attack was recorded—before, during, and after—and shared on social media (SnapChat story) almost immediately.

WHY? Why would someone viciously attack my son and then casually walk away from the scene, leaving him with a skull fracture, ruptured ear drum, a brain bleed, permanent hearing loss, and untold future injuries. And WHY would someone knowingly record the incident and then gleefully post it for everyone to see? For likes? To gain popularity? To get more followers?

This disgusting behavior is becoming common place and currently there are no legal penalties for an individual person who knowingly records a crime for no other reason than entertainment purposes. Recording a crime of which you have prior knowledge and sharing that recording for entertainment purposes should in itself be a crime, one with real consequences.  And this is why we need your signature.

We are working with local government officials to draft, submit, and create a law (“Jordan’s Law”) that will make this kind of appalling act a punishable offense. We were not able to prevent this from happening to our son but maybe we can help prevent it from happening to your child.

We have created a website, where you can follow the progress of this law. In addition, we are partnering with several anti-bullying organizations, all of which can be accessed via

You cannot control ignorance, you can only control how you react to it.  Please help us make a difference and sign the PETITION!



Follow me

Really!  When did we become a nation of followers?  I was raised to do the best I could do and always lead by example.  I remember hearing my mother tell me (more than once), “Eddie, if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow them?”  The answer is no, I would not.  It is time to stop following everyone and start LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

The Desire to Live-Stream Violence

Why would four suspects in Chicago broadcast the torture of a man on Facebook Live?

Two men and two women in Chicago were arrested and charged Thursday with kidnapping and torturing a man, slicing off a piece of his hair, down to his scalp, with a knife. Many people were witness to the assault, because it was streamed on Facebook Live.

Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington, all 18, and Tanishia Covington, who is … Click to Continue reading

Healing stones…

Today I was visited by Octavia Lindlahr and three of her amazing students. They gave Jordan a collection of healing stones the kids painted and blessed with healing prayers. Once again, I am shown the greatness of humanity.   Octavia had this to say, “Three of my favorite children (and FLOW students) and I, went on an “Adventure of Goodwill’ yesterday!  They delivered the healing stones that their FLOW class made to Ed Peisner, and his son Jordan.  Jordan was seriously assaulted through a reckless act of bullying and almost lost his life! The kids in FLOW made “healing stones” and mantra’ed for his safety”.

Thank you Octavia for your warmth and support.  Jordan Strong Rocks

What an amazing surprise…

Jordan and I stopped by to meet with my attorney and friend Paul Philips and his awesome partner Monica. Jordan was extremely surprised when they handed him a new deck signed by Tony Hawk.  Although he might not be able to skate anymore but this made his day. Thank you Paul and Monica – you two are amazing.


The Jewish Journal

Congregation responds to bullying: ‘It could have been my kid’

Ed Peisner, father of Jordan Peisner. Photo by Leslee Komaiko

Click here for the full story